Association and Society Management

For the successful management of a scientific learned society or other scientific organisations, medical expertise alone is no longer enough. The demand for administrative and business management abilities is on the increase. Alongside the use of modern technology for administration and information processing, professional event organisation, effective media and PR as well as a network of competent partners are absolutely essential.

EndoScience builds on long-term experience, pools competence and creates synergies and works together with competent partners. Based on these elements, we can produce an individual service package – from membership management to complete organisation of a Standing Office. EndoScience operates with high scientific expertise and guarantees that each learned society maintains their independence.

The service offered by EndoScience is available to different associations, self-help and scientific organisations.

  • Scientific secretariat and assistance with Executive Board
  • Standing Office management
  • Strategic development and management
  • Membership management
  • Administration of finances
  • Professional media
  • Marketing
  • Full service of association and event organization
  • Online surveys

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